Roxboro Read 2018

The Roxboro Local Education Committee involves co-operation and partnership between our three local schools. LeChéile NS, Our Lady Queen of Peace and GaelscoilSheoirse Clancy. The committee consists of HSCL coordinators and parents who work with community, statutory and non-statutory agencies in Limerick City Southside to illustrate the importance of parents as primary educators and the significance of the community in the development of education, through local projects.

Roxboro Read 2018 is a literacy based Local Committee project. The project will run for the ten weeks starting on Monday 22nd January 2018. The  target is to encourage the pupils and staff of the three schools, extended families, community service providers, service users and local agencies to read a minimum of 2018 books in that time.

The objective is to support not only the children in our schools to read but also that their parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, older siblings and members of the local community to participate.

Each school and agency involved will record a weekly total of books read. These totals will then be displayed on reading thermometers in the schools. The running total from each school and agency will be the community total. This weekly community total will be displayed in various public locations around the community so that all community people involved could easily track the progress and success of the project. We aim to reach the target of 2018 books within the first few weeks of the project, but each school will push to beat the target of 2018 books read by the end of the project.

Please support your child to read as many books as they can. Shared reading books and homework reading will be counted. When any adult in your child’s life reads a book, please send the name of the adult and the name of the book into your child’s teacher.Let’s get READING!!!


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