Friendship Week 2018

Friendship Week is a human rights education and fundraising event, specifically for primary school students.

Friendship Week 2018 takes place from the 5th to the 9th of February. In Le Chéile NS, we are making a special effort to be friendlier, more polite and more respectful to others.

The theme for this year’s activities is ‘Friendship and Bravery: Standing up for what is right’ explored from a local to a global context. It can be linked to topics and discourse around anti-bullying and building community as well as the current challenges of homelessness and the global refugee crises. It also teaches important skills for global citizenship like compassion, empathy and action.

We will be trying to raise money for Amnesty International by selling Friendship Week bracelets. They will cost €2 each and all proceeds will go directly to this wonderful organisation.


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