Team Hope Shoebox Appeal 2017

With the help of our Parents’ Association, we managed to pack and wrap over 60 shoeboxes for the Team Hope Shoebox Appeal 2017. A massive thanks to all the children who generously donated items and also to the parents who spent three mornings packing, wrapping and sorting all the boxes.

TEAM HOPE is an Irish, Christian development aid charity, working with children, and through them, into their families and communities mainly across Eastern Europe, former Soviet Union and Africa. Best known for their Christmas Shoebox Appeal, they also help vulnerable children all year round through a variety of Community Development projects.

Working through their long established group of international partnerships, your shoebox gifts will be given into the hands of a needy child, irrespective of his or her race, religion, ethnicity, or background – who all equally deserve a shoebox gift.
The only criteria for receiving a shoebox is the need of the child.

This year they are planning that TEAM HOPE shoeboxes from Ireland will go to street children, orphans, children in hospital, poor families, victims of war or other needy situations in the following countries:

Eastern Europe and former Soviet Union:



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