Friendship Week 2017

Friendship Week is a human rights education and fundraising event, especially for primary school students!

Friendship Week 2017 takes place from February 13th-17th. This year, our resource pack includes extra activities for your classroom and the whole school, and a focus on the human rights of migrants and refugees. Selling or buying a €2 Friendship Week bracelet is one way for students to get involved in the work of Amnesty and act as advocates of human rights.

The theme of this year’s pack is Friendship and Belonging: finding a place for everyone in our world, which allows exploration of the topic from a local to global level!

Le Chéile will be both selling bracelets and also participating in lots of activities throughout the week. Our name, Le Chéile means “together” and in Le Chéile we promote positive and meaningful relationships between our staff and children.


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